What we do

Everyone's talking about a safe and secure way to transfer and save data through cloud computing. All the information we need is made available to businesses and home workers by simply plugging into the cloud.

Meanwhile, there are few concerns while shifting to the cloud,including security:

  • How can the cloud technology be trusted, if we don't know where our data resides?
  • Even if the bandwidth is available and the total cost of ownership must be appealing, who will be in control?
  • Isn't this recipe for breaches?
  • What about legal compliance?

There's no doubt, that cloud computing benefits are immense but the above doubts should also be addressed. Many organizations are already understood the real potential of cloud computing and outsourcing functions domestically or overseas, and many of those services are secure and working well. There's little doubt that more functionality will be delivered to the consumers over the Internet than any other medium.

DCirrus helps the user to access all of his desktop functions from faraway servers and are easy to manage from one administrative console. All that you need for an end-user device which can be a desktop, laptop and your mobile. The model created by DCirrus seems appealing because it protects user data from the cyber threats hitting connected devices. The easy to enter and easy to exit policy helps users to experiment the cloud computing and discover the ease of storing and moving data without any security threat to the existing system.