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Cloud Computing: Advantages over the Past

by DCirrus

Posted On 22 March 2019
Cloud Computing has been serving to improve the condition of our daily lives through its innumerable implementations and convenient nature. Comparing the same with the past, imagining a world without cloud computing is almost virtually impossible at this stage. The same is mainly because of the several life-changing advantages that cloud computing boasts over the prior period. The following details these advantages to aid you to better understand the significance of cloud computing as a field in today s age. 

Dominating the past: Advantages.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Looking back at the period where cloud computing didn t exist, there was a dire need for more efficient storage devices to manage all the crucial data that organizations used to generate on a daily basis. This led to increasing the expenses for these organizations which made it comparatively difficult to sustain their place within the market. Also, considering the deficiency of efficient storage utilities, the few reliable storage devices came at an unbearable cost. 

Owing to cloud computing services, storing crucial data is easier than ever. The data can be encrypted with effective algorithms and be stored securely within cloud servers which can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Enabling these services usually demands a monthly subscription which is lower than manually purchasing storage devices for local servers.

  • Increased Efficiency

Earlier, more than two computers sharing processing resources without compromising on the performance of the task was nothing better than a mere concept. However, by the nature of the cloud computing framework, various systems can make requests to a remotely located server simultaneously and can get the desired output with similar performance rate. In conclusion, cloud computing grants maximum efficiency using minimal resources.

To achieve the same, local systems don t need to have powerful hardware or need a connection to a local server with appropriate capabilities. All the systems are required to have to share processing and storage resources ideally is just a reliable connection to the internet.

  • Scalability

The field of cloud computing is still rapidly evolving through various innovative implementations that are created with each passing day. This represents the sheer scalability of the field for the future. Considering the rising popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities for the future are endless. At this moment, we are only limited by our imagination for creating uniquely designed applications based on cloud computing. Accounting for emerging domains of data science, supercomputers, and robotics, the significance of cloud computing is bound to increase with the coming future.

  • Ease of Use

In earlier times, if you had to share a crucial document with your project manager, you would need to generate a physical copy of the same or transfer the file to a physical storage device in a digital format. The same involves a number of complex steps and is also more time-consuming. Added to that, the chaos of managing all the data could be unbearable. With cloud computing-based services namely Dcirrus, that allows you to share, store and optimize your data.

To Conclude 

Cloud Computing has several advantages over the age without similar applications. Considering the upcoming enhancements and improvements for cloud computing, the number of these advantages are certain to grow. Added to that, cloud computing is also in line for several innovative integrations namely machine learning and artificial intelligence that will aid in making the world a better place.