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Cloud Computing and its areas of improvement

by DCirrus

Posted On 22 March 2019
We live in a world where the advancement of technology is redefining the rules. Today, all the work is being done on a computer, through the internet and to operate everyone needs certain resources, storage, and computing power.

Cloud Computing is the revolutionary concept that has been creating ripples in the IT sector for a while now. Cloud Computing is an online service by which the organisations rely on shared computing resources and not on local servers on or even personal devices. In simpler terms, cloud computing takes the services outside the organisation's firewall. However, much like any other field in existence, it has areas that it can improve upon. The same is stated in the following.

Cloud computing and areas of improvement:
Following are the aspects in which cloud computing could still improve:-
1. Better Security
Cloud servers are still prone to unforeseen cyber attacks. Evident from the same, cloud computing is still in need of better security protocol. A prime example for the same would be the recent event where data of about 50 million users was compromised. The same proves that there are still loopholes that hackers are able to exploit. Therefore, security is an aspect that can always be improved and the same can be done by using more complex encryption algorithms and protocols. 

2. Connectivity
Despite the fact that cloud computing is entirely capable of allowing us to store several GBs worth of data on the servers, considering the recent developments, even that might not prove enough. Cloud computing was created to advance us into a future where there is no need for local storage devices; a future where everything could be stored on the cloud. Accounting for the upcoming 5G technology, the field of cloud computing could benefit drastically from the same.

3. Integration 
Integration is something that the domain of cloud computing needs to improve upon. Granted that it is already capable of integrating several newly developed technologies to create efficient programs, however, that doesn t mean that it can t be improved further. Improved integration capabilities basically refer to the ability to almost blend in with the added plugins and to better communicate with the same. This will allow the field of cloud computing to open several other possibilities for the future.

4. Modernization
This is something that every field needs to improve upon regularly with each passing day. In this rapidly evolving technological era, there are several enhancements that we are graced with every day. To ensure that cloud computing lives up to its potential, it is crucial to update the framework consistently.

5. Processing 
Data has been dominating the market recently and has become the ideal source to stay ahead of the competition owing to the insights it is capable of generating. Considering the rise in popularity for data and data sciences, the average amount of data that is generated on a daily basis is eventually going to skyrocket. For similar situations, we have to make sure that we are capable of handling the sudden rise in the data flow. To handle the increased amount of unstructured data, we would require additional processing resources to gather reliable insights from the same.

Cloud computing, like any other developing field, has innumerable areas that it can improve upon. However, considering the scalability and potential of the domain, the same is going to apply until the field is replaced by something more convenient and better. Therefore, it is worth noting that only because something can be improved upon doesn t mean that it is flawed.