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Cloud Computing + Artificial Intelligence: What can we do

by DCirrus

Posted On 22 March 2019
The field of cloud computing has made our life exponentially more convenient and idealistic to live in. Added to that, the recent development in artificial intelligence has developed a sense of curiosity and wonder within the minds of every innovator. Given the same, it is justifiable to say that both of these fields have proven their significance in the current age.

If you are someone who is gripped by an unbearable sense of curiosity, it is highly probable that you must ve already thought about the possibilities that we could discover upon combining the two fields. The following article talks about the implementations that we could discover by marrying artificial intelligence with cloud computing.

Cloud computing + Artificial intelligence.

When it comes to talking about the possibilities of cases where artificial intelligence and cloud computing are working together, we are only limited by our imagination. The following are the few implementations for the same, some are already in development, and some exist as mere concepts at the moment:-

1. Self-Driving Cars 
We have already seen functioning prototypes for self-driving cars, and it serves as the ideal example for describing the combined capabilities of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Self-driving cars ultimately equate to lesser road accidents and a cost-effective commute that is accessible to everyone. Added to that, self-driving cars could also indirectly promote a greener environment owing to the fact that the software integrated within the same is designed for efficient fuel usage.

2. Digital Assistants
Considering the recent display of Google, it is safe to say that digital assistants are rapidly closing the gap between their capabilities and human thinking skills. At the moment, digital assistants are capable of performing complex tasks such as remotely controlling the appliances in your house and setting appointment reminders for you. However, the future could be much more exciting. Digital assistants, through the use of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, could imitate human behavior and carry out your daily house chores on your behalf without noticing. Added to that, with the artificial intelligence algorithms, their performance would improve with each execution.

3. Robotics
At this moment, the field of robotics requires manual changes if one wishes to program a new behavior within their designed robot. However, through the artificial learning algorithms and the dynamic nature of cloud computing, robotics could be witness to a significant improvement. Future robots could seamlessly connect to a dedicated cloud server which stores all the data through which the machines can gain insights about the most appropriate function to perform. Future prototypes could automatically update their system consistently and perform a physical task with higher accuracy while learning as they do it. This could allow us to create reliable companions who are as efficient as us humans.

4. Data Generation
Data is deemed extremely significant in the current age. However, before the data could be used to gather insights, it has to go through a process called cleaning. This involves eliminating any anomalies and transforming the data sets in a structured form. Data scientist exhaust of their time cleaning the data which impacts the efficiency of the entire process. Through artificial intelligence and cloud computing, we could develop efficient algorithms that can aid data scientists in the cleaning process and allow them to use the generated insights more effectively.

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing is a match that was made in the technological paradise. Considering the rapid pace of development for each of the fields, there are several other innovative implementations that we will be witnessing in the near future.