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Do high-performance cloud apps require new technology

by DCirrus

Posted On 26 April 2019
For many years now, the concept of cloud computing has been ruling the technological stage. Cloud storage has revolutionized the way businesses operate today. It has been evolving rapidly as per the changing requirements. However, many analysts were questioning if there could be high-performance cloud apps. Well, that dream has finally come true.

What are high-performance cloud apps:
As the name suggests, the high-performance cloud computing apps focus on the speed of super computing. These applications match the high speed of a supercomputer from a cloud computing architecture. The high-performance cloud solutions incorporate the procedures, standards, and elements of cloud-based infrastructure. It ideally provides us with redundant and highly reliable computing infrastructure, which can easily be provisioned or released as per the needs. A complete cloud solution can include hardware, software, and application software as well. All of these are delivered through the cloud upon demand of the clients.    

With its introduction, many organisations have benefited. It allows them to run the demanding database applications, which were earlier restricted due to the limitations of cloud storage. It gives an advantage of cost-effective and scalable storage as well. 

Do high-performance cloud applications need new technology?
 Along with the introduction of high performing cloud computing apps, another striking question has come up. Do these cloud applications also need new technology? Well, if you have been wondering too about the answer, you are in the right place. The answer to this question is yes. To master the trick of achieving high performance through your cloud computing is a tricky affair. You cannot merely solve it by adding a flash or disk drive only. Rather, it requires the introduction of much advanced solution. Experts have indicated that stress must be given on specific innovations to combat these problems. 

Three ways have come up to modernize the arena of cloud computing. They are as follows:
  • Solid-state drive: Solid state drive or SSD is a successful way of boosting the performance of cloud computing. It entails the use of SSD storage or all-flash catches to increase the IOPS. This ensures that the slow speed of shared networks is eliminated.
  • Reducing the latencies: For smooth working of cloud storage, it becomes essential to reduce the noisy neighbor problems. Not only that, it is essential to push the I/O delivery mechanisms.
  • Importance of in-memory: With Google largely depending upon disk storage options, it is not wrong to ascertain that in-memory is the future of the cloud. The non-volatile dual in-line memory modules have extended the use and rendered it much affordable now.
To conclude
The way businesses operate all around the globe is changing with cloud storage. With the introduction of new technology, the time of high-performing apps becoming common is not far off. So, if you are also planning to make the most of cloud storage, try DCirrus. It is a secure and reliable cloud based storage platform. DCirrus will provide you with a highly productive platform for all your cloud storage needs.