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Five ways to leverage cloud for mobile

by DCirrus

Posted On 26 April 2019
Irrefutably, cloud computing is emerging as the next big thing. It has the potential to shape the way business is carried out. Businesses all over the globe are warming up to the concept, and making most of the technology. With that, there is another technology making waves, known as Cloud Telephony.

Cloud Telephony makes it possible to take the advantages of Cloud Computing to mobile phones. Every firm can make most of the technology, only if they know how to leverage it. A few ways to do so are:

1.        Customer Support:

For every business to grow, customer support and satisfaction plays a major role. Therefore, it becomes essential to focus on this key area. Although it can be overwhelming at a few times to handle the constant beeping and calling. With cloud telephony, you can make call management simplified and convenient. Not only that, it makes analyzing call records very convenient.

2.        Remote Working:

With the globalization, boundaries have reduced. Companies are operating their businesses from far away locations as well. It can get troublesome to take the infrastructure to the remote locations. But, cloud computing for mobiles makes it easier to combat this problem. The employees get a flexible work culture, where they can easily operate from multiple locations as well. Customer support was earlier bound to a desk, but with cloud computing, you can take it wherever you go.

3.        Call Analytics:

Cloud computing on mobiles also offers accurate data about each call and text. This information proves to be useful for companies to analyse the patterns and trends. It can also come handy to find solutions for problems related to the call volumes, number of missed calls, and time taken to solve the queries of clients.

4.        Business Expansion:

A business cannot get successful unless the customers are happy. And if you have a plan for expansion, you surely need a loyal and satisfied customer base. Cloud computing on mobiles can step in here and help you realize these plans. The scaling up will not require any infrastructure or resources to be spent. You can make alterations in the system or users just by a click.

5.        Bring Focus to Core Areas:

There is no denying to this fact that customer support is crucial, yet an auxiliary function. For the majority of the firms, except BPO's, customer support team works only as a medium to keep the customers satisfied. Conventionally they have to spend a lot on the staff. But, with cloud telephony, the onus of maintaining and hiring of employees shifts. The firm can then focus solely on its core business area.

Cloud telephony is proving advantageous for both the startups and established businesses alike. They are utilizing it to leverage the business and enjoy the plethora of benefits. If you are looking for one such platform, you can rely on DCirrus. Being a cloud service provider, DCirrus offers a wide range of telephony services as well. With their trusted and reliable services, you can enhance your business as well.