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Five ways to leverage cloud for mobile

by DCirrus

Posted On 26 April 2019
In present times, the effects of global warming have been much evident. Nature has been showing its wrath all around the globe. With people becoming more conscious of it, a similar concept has also emerged in the field of cloud computing.

 What are the benefits of it?

Green cloud although it is not a new concept, its importance has emerged only in recent times. As the name suggests, green cloud stands for environmental benefits that can be derived from the IT services. Green Computing is all about implementing the necessary policies to reduce energy consumption. Apart from that, the focus is also on carbon emissions, which are brought down to build a greener environment.

Irrefutably, information communication technology or ICT  industry is the largest consumer of electricity. Hence, to contribute to a greener and healthier world, the need for Green Computing has emerged. There are many platforms like DCirrus, which promote cloud softwares that are environment friendly.

What are the benefits of it?
The primary aim of this concept is to reduce the power usage of the data center. Therefore, they offer features like live virtual machine migration, online monitoring, and optimization of the virtual machine placement. Going by this architecture of cloud, the energy utilization can come down by a whopping 27%. In data centers, the need to manage applications leads to the difficulty of creating a resource provision and allocation in terms of time-varying workloads.

When the energy efficient resource management was first introduced, it was in context to the battery fed mobile devices. Here, the energy consumption was brought down to add life to the battery. Similarly, the use of these techniques can also be applied to data centers or servers as well. To do so, there is a need for specific scientific methods.

The most prominent method is consolidating the Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling. Using it efficiently will help you to maximize the resource utilization and minimizing energy consumption significantly. The reduction of energy consumption of data centers will reduce the carbon footprints. Therefore, it will make cloud computing a greener concept.

What are the benefits of it?
An average data center consumes the electricity of about 25,000 households. And till now, the focus has always been on improving the performance. With the rising prices and dwindling resources, there is a need to focus on energy consumption as well. For the development and sustenance of cloud computing, a paradigm shift to green computing is essential. With it, you can not just save upon the cost of infrastructure, but also of the energy consumption of data centers.

To conclude
Green cloud computing is the future of the cloud. It can open up a lot of opportunities for cost saving and excel with the latest technology. DCirrus, a cloud based data storage, can help you in making the most of cloud technology. They offer cost effective data storage centers and give a boost to your business as well. Their environmentally friendly cloud solution, save not only space but also electricity.