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How law firms can benefit from secured cloud platforms

by DCirrus

Posted On 18 February 2019

Cloud computing has become an important aspect for people these days. Companies are trying hard to take everything on the cloud.  You must have heard about the cloud. Many of you might also be using it for various purposes. People ask various questions that corresponds to their concern about security and control of the cloud data. The law firms in the country are being advised to shift the services on the cloud.  Cloud storage is the future of the industry hence having the law firms shift to the usage of cloud is compelling too.

Here are a few reasons why law firms must consider shifting to the cloud platform and take the maximum benefits of its security-

It is tedious to deal with so many servers- You do not belong to the IT background and dealing with so many servers was definitely not what you learned in the law school. Servers in general are hard to maintain and require a lot of effort from your side. In case of any problem there is a huge risk of losing all your data. You also tend to waste money in maintenance which could otherwise be very easy when uploaded to the cloud. The online storage is the best solution to all your problem.

1.      Having the flexibility to work from anywhere- yes, cloud provides you with the flexibility of working from anywhere as you need not be connected to your own servers for the same. Having a law firm private cloud allows you to access it from anywhere. All the data and information of your firm is safely secured on the best cloud storage. The documents and data are secured and there is no risk of server crashing.  The clouds are secured and your data is safe and accessible as and when you want.

2.    Cyber security reasons- cyber security is a main concern and is known to be in news a lot these days. The headlines talk about cyber-crimes almost daily. Having your database secured and server maintained is a very difficult task.  Clouds are built with high tech security taking into consideration all the risk factors that may follow. People have a misconception About data security on servers. They should realize the data is much more secure on a private cloud drive than on the servers.

3.     Tired of de-centralized law firm- A server is easy to access when You have employees working in the same firm but when it comes to hiring employees from outside and you need to send in applications and receive data from them, it becomes a very difficult task.  You may need to make use of VPNs for the same.  In such cases making use of the cloud makes your life simpler and less complicated.  DCirrus is one such clod based storage system that enables storage and collaboration of your data in a highly productive and secure platform. Create a backup of all your files and folders on the DCirrus drive. You can easily implement things on cloud based systems like these which is accessible from anywhere provided you have access to the cloud. 


Conclusion: Overall the cloud technology is a far better idea than using servers in the law firms. The cloud will provide you easy access and you will be able to enjoy various services without having to worry about the security.