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Impact of Cloud Computing

by DCirrus

Posted On 18 February 2019
Cloud Computing - defined as a method of remotely storing, managing, and processing crucial data on a network of servers that are hosted remotely on the Internet - is considered to be a crucial link to the ideal future in the current age. 

Cloud Computing: Before Vs. After. 

Going back to the 1990s, if people wished to install software for professional or personal use, it was essential to make sure that their locally located systems had enough resources to execute the same optimally. Therefore, businesses had to invest a significant segment of their financial resources on upgrading their systems, and since computing for rapidly gaining popularity, these updates happened more regularly than what was considered acceptable. This led to businesses upgrading the entirety of their systems regularly to make sure that they could keep up with the consistently evolving age.

Added to the same, as computing was evolving, the significance of data and the derived insights from the same grew drastically. This basically meant that now businesses needed an increased amount of physical storage devices to manage the crucial data that their services regularly generated. This quickly led most of the businesses to a deadlock stage where they had to get rid of potentially useful data sets to create more space for future data insights. Soon, this rendered organizations incapable of processing complex and unstructured data which, ultimately, resulted in obstruction for the field of data sciences.

Skipping ahead a few years, SalesForce has launched their cloud-based services which allowed organizations to run their programs by simply having a satisfactory connection to the internet. The backend involved a server which picked up requests from the end users to process the query and send the result back through the through the World Wide Web. This meant that businesses no longer needed to invest in powerful machines to process complex data but only needed systems that were capable enough to connect to the internet. Along with that, there was now no need for physical storage rooms to store digital data. All of the generated data was now being encrypted and being sent to cloud servers securely.

How has it changed the community?

Cloud Computing has several implementations in today's world. Despite these innumerable applications and functionalities, the potential within the Cloud Computing has barely reduced since its inception. Now, we don't need physical storage devices for storing documents; we have services like Dcirrus for that. We also don't need upgraded machines to perform complex functions. Even something as complex as creating a professional graphic design from scratch is entirely achievable on a budget machine through web-based applications like Adobe Sparkpost.

The implementations mentioned above still might be underwhelming to some who haven't witnessed the age before cloud computing. However, executing gaming softwares, which demands a powerful system set up for an optimal experience, can now be streamed and indulged within even through a low-tier system. This is because of the Cloud Streaming platforms such as Dcirrus which allow similar functionality. Owing to the same, there is also no need to store the game files on the system locally. The same can be done on cloud servers without using any of the physical storage space. 

To Conclude

In conclusion, the creation of cloud computing has made all of our lives exponentially easier. However, most of us fail to notice the same mainly because we were born in an era where cloud computing was already common within the community