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Implementations of Cloud Computing

by DCirrus

Posted On 28 March 2019
Cloud Computing has widened the horizon for many innovators to create breakthrough applications. It has been possible only due to the implementation of cloud technologies in the right way. The growth of cloud platforms has enabled companies to put costly IT resources in the cloud.
Implementation of cloud computing is something that everyone will require, in the near future if not now. So, if you are unaware and wish to learn more about it, the article will give you useful insights about it.

1. Web-based services:
Web-based cloud computing services allow the users to select from different web functions, rather than using a full-blown application. By using  UDDI open standards, XML, or other languages over the backbone protocol, one can easily integrate the business operations with the 
web-based applications. Cloud computing even allows you to select from the assortment of web applications for your business. You can even run individual services with the existing solution through web-based cloud services.

2. Software as a service:
Being the most commonly used cloud service, it allows multiple cloud users to access the application together. It provides a complete solution to 
the users, maintained by the IT platforms like Dcirrus. Dcirrus is a renowned cloud platform that allows the clients to share files, documents, bills, 
reducing the risk of data theft and duplication.

3. Infrastructure as a service:
The infrastructure services encompass the vital, basic necessities of cloud computing. It involves network functions, virtual machines, storage space, and dedicated hardware. For every business, the implementation of the cloud as infrastructure facilitates as the basic foundation. If you are looking for one such platform, DCirrus might work perfectly for you.

4. Platform as a service:
Platform as a cloud service entails the operating systems and hardware needed to deploy cloud applications. The infrastructure and platform ideally go hand in hand, for the platform is a prerequisite for the infrastructure. The platform helps to give a boost to the efficiency of a business, without bringing any hassle of managing, procuring or maintaining of the cloud based solution.

5. Cloud streaming services:
Yet another popular implementation of cloud computing is through the streaming platforms. We live in a world that is predominated by these streaming sites, although we hardly pay attention to the inner working of it. Netflix and Hulu are a few examples of these streaming platforms, that stores the data and the metadata of your preferences.

6. Virtual data rooms:
Major big organisations rely upon this implantation of cloud computing. It allows the users to store and maintain the data that is crucial to the business. It enables not only the safety of the information but also provides easy access to the data. DCirrus provides a safe virtual data room, to share confidential documents, with security restrictions. It ensures the safety of critical business documents.

To conclude
The implementation of cloud computing is a multi-faceted approach. Today, there are far too many applications and uses of cloud computing. An it wouldn't be wrong to say that it is still not used to its full potential. Therefore, we can witness many uses of it in the coming time.