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Reduce hybrid cloud latency with these tips

by DCirrus

Posted On 25 April 2019
Latency is a real problem that is faced today. It’s often unreasonable to provide services that load apps slower and expect them to tolerate it. But with essential tools in identifying the possible reason for latency it is easier to find a hybrid cloud possibility that induces latency, which can further be an architect in correcting it.

What is a hybrid cloud?

A beneficial variant of cloud computing is the hybrid d cloud which is a fine mixture of private cloud, public cloud and third-party cloud effectively. The positive of all three types of cloud computing is bridged to get the best of all. This empowers the users with additional data moving options with increased flexibility at greatly reduced prices. 

Staying away from the latency problem before it creates chaos around you is very important and ensures effective service solutions by your organisation. Some of the tips that you can employ in correcting cloud latency are listed here.

1. Proximity plays a major role. Though everything built technologically is wireless, but the location and distance play a bigger problematic role in dispersing the solution for a far reach. It would be wise to select cloud service solutions that are almost within the same location of the organisation. Further, it is even easier to control and manage a privately owned LAN while detecting issues than one that is connected to public cloud services. 

2. Dedicated connections are comfortable in evading internet traffic. Generally, the internet is shared among a plethora of users worldwide which evidently increases the connection traffic congestion, further invoking latency. Establishing private connections are best to tackle this problem.

3. Sharing or moving a huge collection of data induces a problem of latency. The use of cloud cache proves to be effective in avoiding the latency due to the moving of data. Once stored into a localized cloud cache, data need not be moved again and again. Data is stored in localised cached memory and can be retrieved whenever required.
4. Dedicate latency sensitive portions of content among the in-house applications. Rest of the data are migrated to cloud servers. This majorly aids in imbibing the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture and also thereby reducing scalability, costs and the ability to manage large data easily and effectively.

5. Network and workload design also play a major role in imparting latency. This can be addressed to remove latency by a proper redesigning of workload architecture. This should also take in mind the hybrid cloud environments when redesigning the architecture.

Choosing DCirrus for best of solutions

Cloud computing isn’t facing the same level of improvements, like yesteryears. With great steps of advancements, the level of solutions for your services is also a great deal. DCirrus offers a planned level of solutions to most of cloud computing requirements. 

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