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Why is Data Security so important

by DCirrus

Posted On 18 March 2019

Why is Data Security so important?


We are currently living in an era where every crucial information and reports are stored in a digital format within servers and other virtual storage devices. Owing to the rapidly evolving technology of the present age, we re getting more acquainted to using digital data as our primary means of gathering and storing information. Considering the sheer significance of said data, it is crucial to employ protective strategies which are designed to prevent any unauthorized access to the specified sets of data. These protective measures that are created with digital security in mind are collectively referred to as Data Security.

Justifying its Significance.

To understand the concept and critical nature of data security, we initially have to introduce ourselves to the consequences of a world without Data Security. Without digital data protection methods, our data, personal or professional, will be extremely vulnerable to unpermitted usage for various activities. With access to each other's data, anyone could pose as anyone which would ultimately make it virtually impossible for organizations to differentiate one person from another. The society will basically be stripped away of unique characteristics and would have its integrity compromised. 

Added to that, there would be no sense of competition within the market since each organization would be aware of their rivals strategies and future plans. Another major concern would be the fact that without Data Security, cybercrimes will easier to commit, and there would be no specific measures against the same. To summarize it, our technology-dependent society would ultimately descend into chaos, and we would inevitably need to transition back to the era of maintaining a physical transcript to store and access data. Data Security is arguably the most significant link that is enabling us to sustain our existence in this digital age. 

Practices to promote Data Security

Using the convenient nature of the digital data format requires us to promote and effectively use data security measures. The following details a few of the best practices that can aid you in encouraging data security in your workspace or in your personal life to assure access to only authorized personnel.


  • Encrypt Crucial Documents - Owing to specifically designed programs, encrypting your data is as simple as it can get. You can even create your own encryption algorithms if you have the basic knowledge of how it works. The process of encrypting your data is widely regarded as a crucial step towards data security in today's day and age, mainly because of its sheer simplicity coupled with its extreme efficiency. Therefore, it is suggested that you always encrypt your crucial documents to make sure that unauthorized individuals are unable to read your data. 

  • Make Secure Online Transactions - While shopping or while making a business-related transaction online, you should always make sure that you're doing so via a HTTPS portal. For those who are unaware of the same, the HTTPS tag verifies that the portal you re using is using a secure and encrypted connection for the transaction. 

  • Use the Virtual Keyboard - There are several viruses that send every key input on your system to an unauthorized entity for gaining unpermitted access to your data. If your system has fallen victim to such a virus program, it is recommended that you use the virtual keyboard of your operating system to input crucial details while making transactions online. 

  • Frequently Scan for Viruses - To ensure that your system isn't being affected by unwanted programs, you should make it a regular habit to initiate a full-scan of your system to eliminate any harmful programs or executables. This keeps your system and ultimately, your data safe from scammers and hackers.