DCirrus features

Virtual data room

Your firm's dedicated administrator can create a Virtual Data Room for multiple users with security restrictions and these users can view, upload or download the documents. This ensure complete confidentiality of documents at all levels without exchanging them on traditional, less secure emails.


Data Storage is in encrypted form in a private cloud with no access to any third-party except the user. The encrypted data will be stored in the state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. The user will have unlimited storage capacity.

Sync and restore

The user can sync files and folders from his local device into his cloud drive. Any addition of files in a sync folder will be automatically uploaded into the cloud. In case of a device crash or theft, all synced files and folders in the cloud can be restored effortlessly into the new device.

Share security

The administrator can activate the share security in the common folders of the Virtual Data Room to restrict the users to view-only common folders. This allows multiple users to work on the same system without compromising confidentiality.

Advanced security

Unlike most software firms that only address security from a narrow standpoint, Dcirrus understands that most security breaches occur through stolen identities or software support failures, so we developed a unique security system featuring multi-factor authentication and end to end encryption to combat any potential problems.

Device security

The user can only login to the system after his device has been approved by the administrator, which allows the system to deny unauthorized logins from different machines. The administrator controls all users through his own device.

Matter management

Use our all-in-one Matter Management module for everything you'll need for the entire life of a file, from case opening, to closing and storage. This module includes: Creation of the case file, Uploading of case documents, Time tracking, Billing/Invoicing, Case team allocation, To do list, Outbound sharing of case documents by team, Inbound deposit of case documents by clients or opposing parties through a secured link.

DCirrus drive

Backup your local computer, folders and servers with the Dcirrus Drive cloud in a highly secure environment. No need for expensive servers or network setup. Your documents are stored, secured and made easily accessible for you as long as you need.

Share files and folders

Users can share or receive the data with any third-party through a secured url/web-link which will be password protected. They have the option to receive passwords on mobile or via email. Large files can be transferred without using the traditional, unsecure email system.

Email system

Each user can configure multiple emails (professional, yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other email) into one email system and has the option of importing all email from other email systems without leaving copies of the emails in the earlier system. This will ensure complete privacy to the user.

Security manager

Our system requires the user to install an application on his computer which will work as a browser to log into the DCirrus Cloud System. The application adds more security to the system and act as security manager for the entire system. This application also allows the user to work offline on the ios and android app.

Multiple users

Multiple users can be created by the administrator to work on the same cloud platform. This will eliminate the unnecessary exchange of documents common in traditional email systems and also reduce the risk of data theft.