Our story

What is DCirrus

DCirrus is a secure cloud based data storage and sharing system which includes encryption, multifactor authentication, device security, syncing, virtual data room, online document signing, case management system across all your devices.

Why DCirrus

Protecting customer information and effective client engagement are paramount to success in today's competitive world. Law firms need to be agile, innovative and highly collaborative while ensuring client satisfaction and keeping their life simple, modern and highly secure. They need solutions designed to secure and protect information from day 1. They need a platform that stores and shares relevant information quickly with their partners, clients and employees. DCirrus brings you a highly productive platform for all your storage and collaboration needs.

Why I stared DCirrus

My practice as an attorney spans across legal domains: litigations, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions to state a few. Though my firm is a boutique full service law firm, we give competition to bigger law firms when it comes to handling complex legal work and efficient turnaround time. My experience in cross cultural interactions; working across geographies and time zones have reinforced my belief that if one can time and organize well, any number of clients and any type of complex legal work can be serviced. We attorneys waste lot of time in just searching; re-searching and managing data, documents, records etc. Often it takes more than 3-5 minutes just to search a relevant email.

Our team

Founder & CEO

Lawyer by profession, innovator by passion. Globe trotter and love meeting people. Two decades of international legal practice experience certainly has its own advantages.


Banker by profession, business leader by passion. Be it construction or education he has established and sold businesses all over the world. On the top it, it's difficult to stop him.

Advisory board

An international business law specialist, Attorney at Law and a former Avocat at the Paris bar. Find solutions for businesses and individuals in the complex world of cross-border transactions.

Advisory board

Engineer by profession, marketer by passion. Marketing flows into his blood. As per him marketing means connecting people to people.

Eva Sinha
Advisory board

Our lady luck who has all figures on her fingers. Difficult to match her energy and her passion for calculation and re-calculation!