Data Security

DCirrus Data Security

All file transfers through DCirrus are encrypted using 2048-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the same security used by banks and other high security institutions. Apart from encryption, DCirrus has added another security layer of DEVICE SECURITY which means access to a particular account can only be granted by the device which has been approved by the administrator. Each and every file has a unique encryption key. When a file is uploaded, it is encrypted before being stored to its permanent storage location in cloud. Downloaded files are first decrypted and then opened. Data is uploaded and downloaded between the end user and the storage tier directly over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted segment using highest grade encryption. Any files that reflect a known malware signature are flagged and discarded by the system. User data is stored on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services in the region where user is residing giving respect to the data protection laws of the user region.

All DCirrus employees undergo full background checks and sign our watertight employment and non- disclosure contacts prior to beginning employment with the company. DCirrus has been designed in such a way that even employees of the company can not access the encrypted data of the users. The user has to give a limited time access to the company employee to access the data. This is a unique feature developed by DCirrus to give full control of data in the hands of the user.

For any queries about the privacy of your personal data or concerns, please contact us via email with subject as PRIVACY at