The Complete Data Storage, Sharing and Virtual Data Room Solution


An easy-to-use product that quickens your process.


Effortless and organized.Share files and information-both internally and externally.


A completely secure software to share, collaborate, store and archive information.

Cost Effective

A versatile engineered system that offers you numerous features at a competitive price.


A comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to Secure, Store & Share Data anytime anywhere in a highly protected environment.
Compatible with : AWS, Office 365, One Drive, Azure, Dropbox, Box, G-Suit, Merril, RR Donorelly, Intralink, Securedocs, Sharefile, Drooms, Sales Force and others.
Devices: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.


More than just file sharing and storage with a cost effective pricing.
Our top features include:

Virtual Data Room

Create a Virtual Data Room for multiple users with security restrictions and these users can view, upload or download the documents. This ensures complete confidentiality of documents at all levels without exchanging them on traditional emails.

Email System

Configure multiple emails (professional, yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other email) intoa single email system. Automatically group all emails while ensuring complete privacy to the user.

Real time Collaboration

Experience real-time changes in documents inside your group while simultaneously tracking multiple versions and the users creating them.

Share Files and Folders

- Share or receive data from any third party through a secured url/web-link which will be password protected.
- Passwords may be shared through mobile devices or email to secure documents.
- Large files can be transferred with ease and without file size limits.

Share Security

Administrators can activate shared security inthe Virtual Data Room to restrict users from certain content/folders. This allows multiple users to work on the same system without compromising any confidentiality.

On the Go

No matter where you are, take your files with you. You can work from anywhere that has internet and work seamlessly with others as you travel.

Powerful and Simple

Your work is at your fingertips. Organize your files with versatile access.

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An easy-to-use, cost effective product that enables you to securely:
- organize
- share
- collaborate
- store files, graphics & information
organize, share, collaborate, store files, graphics & information

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