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Complete Cloud Solution For Solo Lawyers, Small and Medium Law firms, professionals, corporates and individuals



Save time using simple tools to collaborate with partners and clients.



Ensure your firms' and clients' information are secured while you seamlessly collaborate and share information.


Cost Optimized

Focus on your business with a 3-in-1 solution that brings a total integrated simplified user experience.


What is DCirrus

DCirrus is a secure cloud based data storage and sharing system which includes encryption, multifactor authentication, device security, syncing, virtual data room, online document signing, case management system across all your devices.

Why DCirrus

Protecting customer information and effective client engagement are paramount to success in today's competitive world. Law firms need to be agile, innovative and highly collaborative while ensuring client satisfaction and keeping their life simple, modern and highly secure. They need solutions designed to secure and protect information from day 1. They need a platform that stores and shares relevant information quickly with their partners, clients and employees. DCirrus brings you a highly productive platform for all your storage and collaboration needs.


Virtual Data Room

Your firm's dedicated administrator can create a Virtual Data Room for multiple users with security restrictions and these users can view, upload or download the documents. This ensure complete confidentiality of documents at all levels without exchanging them on traditional, less secure emails.

Matter Management

Use our all-in-one Matter Management module for everything you'll need for the entire life of a file, from case opening, to closing and storage. This module includes: Creation of the case file, Uploading of case documents, Time tracking, Billing/Invoicing, Case team allocation, To do list, Outbound sharing of case documents by team, Inbound deposit of case documents by clients or opposing parties through a secured link


Data Storage is in encrypted form in a private cloud with no access to any third-party except the user. The encrypted data will be stored in the state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. The user will have unlimited storage capacity.

DCirrus Drive

Backup your local computer, folders and servers with the Dcirrus Drive cloud in a highly secure environment. No need for expensive servers or network setup. Your documents are stored, secured and made easily accessible for you as long as you need.

Sync And Restore

The user can sync files and folders from his local device into his cloud drive. Any addition of files in a sync folder will be automatically uploaded into the cloud. In case of a device crash or theft, all synced files and folders in the cloud can be restored effortlessly into the new device.

Share Files and Folders

Users can share or receive the data with any third-party through a secured url/web-link which will be password protected. They have the option to receive passwords on mobile or via email. Large files can be transferred without using the traditional, unsecure email system.

Share Security

The administrator can activate the share security in the common folders of the Virtual Data Room to restrict the users to view-only common folders. This allows multiple users to work on the same system without compromising confidentiality.

Email System

Each user can configure multiple emails (professional, yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other email) into one email system and has the option of importing all email from other email systems without leaving copies of the emails in the earlier system. This will ensure complete privacy to the user.

Advanced Security

Unlike most software firms that only address security from a narrow standpoint, Dcirrus understands that most security breaches occur through stolen identities or software support failures, so we developed a unique security system featuring multi-factor authentication and end to end encryption to combat any potential problems.

Security Manager

Our system requires the user to install an application on his computer which will work as a browser to log into the DCirrus Cloud System. The application adds more security to the system and act as security manager for the entire system. This application also allows the user to work offline on the ios and android app.

Device Security

The user can only login to the system after his device has been approved by the administrator, which allows the system to deny unauthorized logins from different machines. The administrator controls all users through his own device.

Multiple Users

Multiple users can be created by the administrator to work on the same cloud platform. This will eliminate the unnecessary exchange of documents common in traditional email systems and also reduce the risk of data theft.


Traditional law firms are still using servers, networking and other old dated technology. Besides buying hardwares every year, they are also spending significant amounts out on resources and maintenance of the whole IT system in the law firm. Our solution is server less and creates a virtual network, which means no more purchasing of hardwares and deployment of resources to run IT systems. In addition to from saving cost, DCirrus also saves electricity, space and environment friendly.

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What our clients say


Mr.Sanjay Rathi

Head - Legal & Corporate Governance at Future Group - India

Being legal and compliance head of a $6 billion listed retail group, we were looking for a solution which can provide us a secure virtual data room not only for our M&A transactions but also to manage our legal and compliance matters especially the court litigations and outside counsels. With Dcirrus I can manage the groups legal and compliance activity efficiently and securely.


Mr.Pedro Pinan

CEO - Gresol International-American Group - Spain

With the enforcement of GDPR regulation in May 2018, my board was searching for cost effective and secure solution which can store data of almost 10,000 EU nationals in cloud but in EU and also allow the Board to describe levels of authority and controls to access and share data. After using Dcirrus for free 30 days trial, we were satisfied with the service and our concerns with regard to data protections and data localisations were fully met.


Dr.Sam Swapn

CEO Strategism - San Fransisco

Being in strategy and training business for the last 15 years, my prime challenge was to protect clients confidential data while sharing it through emails and storing the clients data where I can put restrictive controls. I bet few of my clients are listed company and any data leak will have dangerous consequences. I tried Dcirrus and have some peace of mind now. Now I don't share data through emails, I just generate a secured password protective link and its done.

Why I Started DCirrus

My practice as an attorney spans across legal domains: litigations, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions to state a few. Though my firm is a boutique full service law firm, we give competition to bigger law firms when it comes to handling complex legal work and efficient turnaround time. My experience in cross cultural interactions; working across geographies and time zones have reinforced my belief that if one can time and organize well, any number of clients and any type of complex legal work can be serviced. We attorneys waste lot of time in just searching; re-searching and managing data, documents, records etc. Often it takes more than 3-5 minutes just to search a relevant email. Problem compounds when one needs to refer to past data/emails scattered across various platforms and devices. I always wondered if there were a single system which can manage all requirements of a lawyer instead of jumping from one system to another. For example, imagine a matter management system where the litigation team can access all case documents, client's email, billing, time, contacts etc. at a click. Not only this, they can also interact with the client and give access to them, if required, so that the client can actually track the billable hours, documents prepared and filed, details of attorneys working in the matter etc. Likewise, the attorneys and the clients work on the same system making the whole process well organized and transparent. Same can be the scenario with the corporate team lawyers who are involved in due diligences and M&A deals. A single system of creating multiple virtual data rooms wherein clients can dump their data and the data can be accessed by any number of people located at different locations yet secure, robust, easy to use and not denting the pocket at the same time. During one of my due diligences 3 years back, I was called at seller's place to review the documents.


Lalit Mathur, Co-founder, CEO

Our Team


Lalit, Founder, CEO

Lawyer by profession, innovator by passion. Globe trotter and love meeting people. Two decades of international legal practice experience certainly has its own advantages.


Serafin , Mentor

Banker by profession, business leader by passion. Be it construction or education he has established and sold businesses all over the world. On the top it, it's difficult to stop him.


Bill, Advisory Board

An international business law specialist, Attorney at Law and a former Avocat at the Paris bar. Find solutions for businesses and individuals in the complex world of cross-border transactions.


Partha, Advisory Board

Engineer by profession, marketer by passion. Marketing flows into his blood. As per him marketing means connecting people to people.


Eva Sinha, Advisory Board

Our lady luck who has all figures on her fingers. Difficult to match her energy and her passion for calculation and re-calculation!