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Frequently Asked Questions


We are a cloud solutions provider and our customers do indeed work entirely on the cloud. We offer and put in place a full solution for companies that no longer require servers at all. Our customers receive these additional benefits from DCirrus:


Cloud computing moves with your business and is there to support your growth. The cloud offers unlimited storage space and can scale up or down depending on your current needs. This scalability provides the flexibility for your business to grow whereas traditional servers have limited capacity – when you’re out of space you need to get a bigger server.


Not only does the additional unlimited storage space of the cloud result in better computing power resulting in your applications performing faster but the cloud frees up your IT concerns and expenses. With DCirrus we ensure that proper security measures are in place and your team collaborates effortlessly.


Traditional servers are undependable. Their limited capacity and susceptibility to downtime results in inconsistency which means the productivity of companies using traditional servers are more apt to suffer. The decreased likelihood of downtime in the cloud leads to improved performance and increased profits. You don’t need to spend time on the mundane tasks of regularly monitoring, maintaining and upgrading the hardware and can focus on proactive pursuits that will drive your business forward.


Increased flexibility comes with huge cost savings (see our incredible low monthly fees scaled for the number of users!) for different sizes of companies. Traditional servers need to be purchased and even if you don’t use them at full capacity you’re still are paying for them like you are. And don’t forget your hardware will age and its value will depreciate year after year. In the next few years, companies relying solely on servers will be in minority. Already today companies that use the cloud have a significantly greater process efficiency, a big cost reduction in IT spending and they grow faster than their competitors.

Your data is stored in Amazon Web Services S 3 data storage facility in the country of your jurisdiction to abide by your countries data protection laws.

Unlike other virtual data room companies offering project wise or deal-wise services, in DCirrus we offer uncapped services. You can create any number of virtual data rooms and store unlimited data with unlimited users.

When your assigned storage is about to be exhausted, you will start receiving system-generated messages. You may then request for increasing your storage anytime.

Your account will be suspended till you pay. Your data will be secured and protected unless and until you will let the Dcirrus support team know your decision of continuing or moving out.

Yes, you can delete your data anytime from the cloud.

Yes, you can create and disable users as per your requirements and put restrictions as allowed by the system using the icon “user permission” in each folder. Users can be created, deleted and modified using the “admin” module of the application.

No worries. The data won’t delete in the first deletion. The file or folder color changes to red to notify the user. If you still want to go ahead and delete your file or folder, you have to delete the same again and then it will be deleted from the system.

No worries. You just have to send an email at and our team will disable your corporate id or the particular device which has been lost. Once you buy a new device you just have to login with your credentials and you are good to go again. The syncing feature in the application will automatically download all your data in the same folder structure as it was in the lost device.

You can store almost any file format and upload any number of files in DCirrus. To protect the system from any misuse the size restriction is limited to a single file of 5GB. For multiple files and bigger data sets, we recommend using the syncing feature of the DCirrus application.

Yes, DCirrus is a cloud-based application and basic internet is required.

Yes, you can block the particular device of the user under you be it a laptop, desktop or mobile. You have to go to the “admin” module (user list) from the dashboard to block the device.