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Ramifications And Remedies Of Inadequate Document Management For The Top Management

Ramifications And Remedies Of Inadequate Document Management For The Top Management

Ramifications of Inadequate Document Management

When it comes to the corporates, where everything is recorded and documented, it becomes necessary to maintain them in a more systematic way.For instance, when you find yourself in a position where you urgently need to access a document only to realise after putting in a lot of effort, that a copy might be in one of your old emails. You have already invested your valuable time searching for it, and it becomes much more difficult to classify documents. This is where the digitalization of documents comes in, where everything gets sorted. The risk not only lies in losing a document, but it can also be dangerous for companies if they are not managed at the right place and time. Failure in protecting the documents can backfire on top management as it can lead to compliance violations and legal issues. This is where the progressive solution of utilizing VDRs (Virtual Data Rooms) comes in, allowing corporates to store, share, and access sensitive documents in a safe and secure environment.

At DCirrus, we understand that you are well aware about the ramifications of poor document management. Let us go through some of the issues caused by disorganization in the organization and effective remedies for such ramifications.

Document Mutilation

The greatest risk of having paper-based documents is their vulnerability to fluids, fire, and other damage, which can harm your documents. Office fires are not unprecedented in today’s world, especially in environments where manual and automated processes coexist. Many times, documents can be destroyed by fire. Sensitive and confidential documents are particularly at risk in such instances.


VDRs are highly effective in preserving documents by uploading them to the cloud, making tampering nearly impossible. Security features like Timefox, Privacy to allow access ensure the safety and security of documents.

Availability And Accessibility of Documents:

The physical nature of documents often requires them to be stored in a single location, typically a common place. The problem arises when accessing Top management needs these documents on the go – when they travel or are out of office or need at out of office hours.


Thanks to the cloud-based upload system of VDRs, documents can be stored in a multi-level secured cloud, allowing clients to access their information from anywhere in the world remotely without physical presence.

Multiple drafts of same document:

In today’s world, we often see pop-ups from app stores indicating that an app needs an upgrade. Similarly, in organizations, many versions of documents are created over time. Handling and sorting these documents require experience and organized minds in order to maintain integrity, validity and relevance. In some critical instances, board members might not get the exact version needed for critical decision making.


Digitalization allows the client to maintain a log of activities, similar to VDRs. VDRs can detail the additions and versions of documents, helping to access the necessary document at any given time.

Loss of confidence of stakeholders:

Some documents are extremely confidential and should not have duplicates.If these documents are lost, then it can significantly affect the relationship between stakeholders and respective corporate administration, which in return leads to stakeholder’s loss of confidence in topmanagement which would have larger ramifications.


VDRs can be proven as most valuable investment for top management when it comes to storing confidential documents. Due to enhanced and multi-level security, it becomes nearly impossible to access a record by breaching the security system.


In conclusion, inadequate document management by an organisation can have far reaching legal, financialimplications besides slowing down decision making and causing inefficient administration. Issues like mutilation, lack of availability and accessibility, multiple drafts of the same document, and loss of confidence from stakeholders are just a few challenges faced due to poor document management practices. However, remedies such as utilizing Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) can effectively address these issues. VDRs offer secure cloud-based storage, ensuring protection against physical threats like fire or fluid damage. VDRs also provide access to documents from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical presence. Additionally, VDRs maintain a log of document versions, facilitating easy tracking and access to the most recent version. Additionally, the enhanced security features of VDRs adds confidence in regarding the preservation of document originality and confidentiality.