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Watermark Configuration

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Watermark Configuration

Watermark are enabled by default in all newly created data room when viewing documents online, printing, and downloading PDF or encrypted files.

  1. To adjust watermark settings, Expand the Admin Section from the left panel click the settings menu, and select Watermark Tab.
  2. By default, it will show in read-only mode. Click on the “Edit Settings” Button in the top right corner to edit the watermark. You can Configure a watermark for Viewing and Downloading files.
  3. In the editing mode, you can adjust the following settings.
    1. In the content field, you can also add any custom text in addition or instead of default options. The default is your company name.
    2. For Downloading file, the appearance of the watermark: color, and position.

* On the right side, you can also preview for downloading file how your watermark will look with the selected settings.

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